The story

We were standing by the window,

staring at the Ocean,

dreamers in the same manner

with one common goal:

Building the most beautiful boat ever.

A story of craft, sailors and dreamers

Our story starts at sea, onboard the most beautiful boats in the world. Our studio started designing small yachts interiors, where every detail is just perfect and only a dream vision can drive you through it. We moved quickly to the superyachts, private mansions, and towers with the same care for details and a strong will to amaze.

Su misura, the art of tailoring

Every work of ours is very specific because it embodies the habits and ambitions of our clients. We draw inspiration from their stories, memories and dreams to build the most authentic experience tailoring the most comfortable fit.

Devoted to research, commited to innovation

To be successful at what you do, being proficient is not enough. Our core value is to always think different, experiment, and evolve. This time we transferred to our superyachts the ergonomics of cars. From the automotive industry we also borrowed titanium and carbon fiber to mould our visions. And this is just to give you a taste.

Our flame will keep burning

The Italian craft has been passed from father to son for centuries, and now it is rapidly fading away. But we believe in Culture. We believe in Beauty. We are determined to preserve this Heritage. And our 200 artisans will keep this flame burning for the generations to come.

A smart Ecosystem. Always on track

“On time & on budget” is our motto. Over the years we have built FM success through the combined professionalism of our Houses. FM Trade & Service House manages the logistics and economics of the project. It takes care of any detail of the project implementation, up to the flowers on your table.