The Intimacy of the Interiors

Our latest campaign featured in Boat International
Recently, we have been inspired by the work of Ferdinando Scianna from the 1960's.  A part of a great movement in Italian documentary photography, his work stands out as profound in its humanistic approach.  He captured moments of beauty and intimacy in what he sees as simply recording the world around him :
"The act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. They are the readers of the world"
At FM, we are inspired by this and see it as our approach to projects.  We have no established style.  When we set out on a new project we spend a lot of time and care to understand the specific client and what speaks to them. The project is in them, and our job as designers is to read it.  Reading our client well is the most satisfying part of our work.  The result is a home of personality and intimacy, design that is exclusively theirs.

Be sure to see the campaign opposite of the Owner's Club section in this month's Boat International.  To see more of our latest inspiration, see the portfolio of Ferdinando Scianna.