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Perini SY 60m


Polar Star MY 65m - Lürssen


Amore Mio 2 MY 52m - Abeking & Rasmussen


Eileen MY 50m - Codecasa


MY 77m


Paris MY 56m - Amels


CRN Super Conero - MY 50m


Waku MY 63 m – Benetti


When light crafts space

…it is a feeling of privileged freedom: maximum sea, maximum comfort and maximum prestige

A matter of synergy

Only something extraordinary could result from the synergy between a design studio creating luxurious sartorial interiors, a shipyard accustomed to challenges, and the most qualified of Italian artisans : 63 meters of curving elegance, where light becomes the leading feature.

Inviting the sea In


We aspired to create a union between the interior spaces and the strong presence of the sea. The sea then becomes the essential companion; ever available for clearing the mind and soothing the soul.


In this project, different materials merge together: shagreen, bronze, fossils, and curved slats creating soft games of light across all surfaces. Fabrics from Sardinia, woven, by skilled hands according to local tradition, combined with clean lines, and meticulously places mirrors bending light to reveal and conceal.with mirrors and the light that reveals and conceals.

Decoration Details

Be-spoke hand-made decor elements add an extra brilliance to the interior design: draughts and backgammon bring the gaze towards the divans, made of sought-after fabrics from antique Sardinian looms. The ancient technique that inspired all the decorations for the interiors is that of using knots to create symbolic geometric patterns used in past time traditions.

The walls and chest of drawers has been produced using curved slats and features built-in handles. It is a true example of the experience and creativity of the school of Italian artisans. The wall lamps are made in bronze and different for each cabin. They feature hand-embroidered, linen lampshades. The silk carpeting with chevron patterns give to the room a soft exclusive touch.

Going up the spiral staircase, clad in 3D sculpted silk Georgette marble, feels like crossing a white sand beach, due to the game of lights fitted on the handrails and stairs. The lift, almost completely transparent, features a mirror on the ceiling and is grafted like a diamond in the architecture of the stairway.

On the left of the entrance to the main salon, there is a beautifully sculptured bar, powerful in shape and material.

Designed by FM Architettura d’Interni it features cast bronze interlaced pieces that create a 3D pattern with great strength and character.