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Ciftci Towers - Istanbul


Horizon Homes – Manila


Luxury family dwelling in the pearl city of the tropical paradise

… a permanent keeper of your family memories collection

As the nights draw in and you need a place to wind down from hustle and bustle of city life, there is nowhere in the world that can bring quite as much pleasure as a warm, comfortable home. We created a place that invites you to spend time with the most important people in your life all day long.


We were profoundly touched by the terrific view from Horizon Homes: the silence pervading over the never stopping city; the lightness of the clouds; we discovered water as a natural, irrepressible element, and that the underwater world is an integral part of our everyday life .This moment was a source of inspiration for the project, and we planned to convey the feeling of lightness and enchantment to the interiors of those beautiful homes

From furniture to colors, pattern to pictures, we wished to create a charming space that encourage its habitants to spend time in every single zone. We chose a color palette with “moonlight” tones, where natural colors merge with glittery hues, in order to convey a refined feeling of different environments

The spacious, elegant bedrooms are decorated with a palette of bright, lunar colors: silver and bronze. Colored velvets and custom-made beds with functional details in leather make rooms the smartest backdrop for resting and dreaming.

Your family means the world to you, and that is why our love and attention has gone into every single detail: clean-lined specially designed furniture, exclusive patterns, unique touchable textures and stylish décor elements. One of those is the chandelier hanging over the huge lunch table, it was shaped from a rainfall of crystal leaves, complementing the idea “the environment is suspended in time”.

Horizon Homes offers a lifestyle experience like no other. Those Homes are designed with your utmost luxury, security and privacy in mind.

Ciftci Towers