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Ciftci Towers – Istanbul


Custom designed ultra luxury high - residential complex in the high-rise Twin Towers overlooking Istanbul Bosphorus.

…The beauty of Istanbul into Your home

The city’s historical heritage, its strategic location between the East and West, and its cosmopolitan nature are the main inspirations of the interior design, all of which serve for one single purpose: to view Istanbul as a whole.


Being a part of an outstanding Cifci team was a great pleasure for FM Studio architects. Together we found exclusive solutions for each single design detail and created something really unparalleled. We believe that a passionate team and a unique location are the keys of the Cifci project success.

Admiring contemporary architecture and engineering wonders around the world, FM Studio created several apartment styles tha interpret each family unique passions, lifestyle and transform them into something that will be personal and exclusive.


The melancholy, repetitive shift from bright vibrant colors to black and white, from noise to silence, from the multitude of smells of spices to flavors coming out while wondering around the narrow city streets that swirl through ancient remains,- all this magic emerged in the project concept: to capture Istanbul in one single window.

The first style, “ Moonlights ”, was inspired by Bosphorus night view. That is a modern – contemporary style that involves clear wood, stone floors with processed concrete walls. Designed for young residents, this style could easily be complemented with some retro pieces.

The second design is called “ Kaleidoscope Lights ” and , just like Istanbul city, it has a variety of shimmering colors. This design is humble yet luxurious, for the residents who wish to make their personal touch in a existing design easily

The third style was inspired by the black and white soul of the city and is called “Graphics Engraves”. This atmosphere is well described by Melling’s panorama engravings. It is a clean-cut, modern, bold, with bright color touches.

The fourth style, “Vintage Memories” was inspired by the hidden spots of a city where every brick and tile is a memory of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire. This is a classical style with antique furniture details , marble floors, wooden boiserie and precious fabrics.

Custom designed apartment units of ÇİFTÇİ Towers cater to different tastes, while opening the door to an aesthetically pleasant and safe life. Under the FM Interior Design signature, Francesca Muzio shaped the designs of ÇİFTÇİ Towers to welcome residents of different cultures, age and tastes.

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