Project on Piazza Navona



Breathing new life into the legends of Piazza Navona

The 17th century saw the reign of Pope Innocent X.  Piazza Navona, the Pamphili Family stronghold in Rome enjoyed a splendor of construction under the most famous names in baroque architecture, Bernini and Borromini.

An apartment was created for the Pope himself, and the woman who made history for her influence over him.  These lives of power, passion, and abundance shaped the Eternal City and in their wake left legends and tales shrouded in mystery.

In this latest FM design, we breathe new life into the mystery.  Through the close collaboration with a Special Owner's Family, one with a unique passion for hospitality, we created spaces suspended in an extraordinary time and place.  

We are pleased to have the opportunity to invite you in...

Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge   |  San Lorenzo Lodges


In the famous church overlooking Piazza Navona

A suspended apartment, shrouded in mystery and rumors of the forbidden love of a past pope.

The frescoes that float above served as inspiration for the design of interiors of abundance and passion.

We look forward to sharing more with you very soon....