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FM Architettura d’Interni was created in 2009 by Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini knowing they could offer something unique to world of yacht interiors. Led by their passion and backgrounds in architecture, design, philosophy, art-history, and marketing, FM became known for their holistic and thoughtful approach defined by their honed listening skills and deep sense of understanding a client's desires and lifestyle.

Prioritising involvement in the process and experimentation in design combined with a thorough project management, clients impressed with the experience have invited the studio to design for all of their most precious spaces at both land and sea.

Today, FM provides interior design and project management services in the realms of luxury hotels and spas, high end residential complexes, and prized private residences. With an ever growing team and over 4,000 sqm of facilities, FM has entered a new era, handling large and international projects with the unique sense of understanding the individual they set out with.


Francesca Muzio has managed interior design projects in over 20 different countries. With an MSc Architecture from the Universities of Genoa and Barcelona, and a postgraduate Master in Business Administration and Marketing from Alma Mater University of Bologna, her early career collaborations include Renzo Piano, Atelier Chaix et Morel et Rudy Ricciotti and ‘5+1 Architetti Associati’, gaining experience in residential and commercial design projects and management worldwide.

In 1997, she joined P&O Princess Cruises Los Angeles, with the design practice of Arch. Giacomo Mortola, executing major projects for magnificent cruise vessels. To further explore superyacht design, in 2001 she joined CRN- Custom Line Ferretti-Group as Creative Director of the Interior Design Department. There, she managed the design and construction of 112 super yachts, that are among the most prestigious superyachts in the world. She developed close working relationships with high profile owners, specialist suppliers, craftsmen and artisans worldwide.


Maria Silvia Orlandini developed her creativity and talent with her family, who built a very long tradition in Italian Design and craftsmanship. Her family brand “Cantori” boasts, since its origins, an extensive know-how and solid marketing awareness, capturing large market shares in Italy and abroad.

In 1999 Maria-Silvia graduated with honors in Philosophy, having focused her field of study in hermeneutic and psychology of language. In 2002 she completed her studies in Visual Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti. Following her experience in two renowned Art galleries, she joined CRN Ancona in 2002 , where she devoted her talent to the style and decoration of many magnificent mega yachts, developing a prodigious knowledge of all aspects in the luxury industry.

FM Architettura d'Interni

We offer a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional interior design. Our key steps; Briefing, Concept Sketches, Detailed Design, Furniture Design, Procurement, Construction, Fit-out and Final dressing, are customised to the specific nature of each project large or small. With over 4,000 sqm of warehouse facilities, FM is able to design, produce, and ship worldwide with the highest level of quality control from conception to completion.

We use top technology in world of visualization, employing software from the world of cinema, 3D modeling, virtual animation and special effects. We offer our clients realistic project proposals of both images and video.

Our long standing partnerships with select Italian craftsmen and manufacturers, keeps us experimenting and innovate in design. Together, these synergies allow FM to offer an unparalleled ‘turnkey’ solution.


I am my home
All projects begin in the mind of an Owner

The voyage of discovery begins during the first meeting with the FM Studio.

Each of our original designs is the result of the unique creation process that starts from exploring the Client’s personality; listening to thier ideas, discovering their passion and lifestyle. From this understanding a concept is developed that leads the entire process of the project.

The experience gained over the years in the luxury interiors world combined with a drive to innovate reinforces the creative spirit of the FM Studio team, executing exclusive modern and traditional design solutions to meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Up to the flowers on your table

In FM we choose not to adopt a style, which is recognizable as our “signature”. We believe that the meaning of our work is giving birth not to our idea of beauty, but to that of the Owner - to make real his intimate and personal dream. The result are space that are exclusive and characteristic down to the last detail.

Modern, traditional, minimalist, or baroque: each style has its strength and its unique features that we enchance with our experience and our relationships to top artisans and select suppliers from all around the world.

Dreams belong to our clients … we make them a reality.

Everything we make comes from the Owner’s wishes and is made for the Owner. His desires and style preferences are the foundations upon which we create architectural and design solutions. And those are absolutely exclusive and personalized. The experience gained internationally in the luxury interior design field is always serving the purpose of meeting specific customer’s expectations.

Modern, traditional, minimalist, or baroque: each style has its strength and its unique features, that we know how to enchance cooperating with exclusive artisans and selected suppliers around the world.

Dreams belong to our clients …and making those dreams come true is our mission.